Closed End Investments (382)

This is a list of companies in the Closed End Investments sector by London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Short-term past performance of less than one year is a particularly unreliable indicator.

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Sector Constituents table
Prev cl
% chg.
AADVAlbion Development VCT83.50p86.50p85.00p0.00p0.00%
AAEVAlbion Enterprise VCT118.00p121.00p119.50p0.00p0.00%
AAIFAbrdn Asian Income Fund Limited NPV214.00p217.00p215.00p-1.00p-0.46%
AASabrdn Asia Focus279.00p281.00p280.00p0.00p0.00%
AATGAlbion Technology & General VCT66.00p69.00p67.50p0.00p0.00%
AAVCAlbion Venture Capital Trust42.20p44.20p43.20p0.00p0.00%
ABDAbrdn New Dawn Investment Trust220.00p236.00p226.00p0.00p0.00%
ACIAlternative Credit Investments 860.00p870.00p868.00p0.00p0.00%
ACICAbrdn China Investment Company Limited410.00p413.00p411.00p0.00p0.00%
ACRMAcuity RM Group3.40p3.90p3.80p0.00p0.00%
ADIGAbrdn DIversified Income And Growth77.00p85.60p81.40p-1.60p-1.93%
AEETAquila Energy Efficiency Trust55.00p62.50p59.00p0.25p0.43%
AEIAbrdn Equity Income Trust300.00p325.00p310.00p5.00p1.64%
AEIPAsian Energy Impact Trust12.00p36.00p24.00p0.00p0.00%
AEITAsian Energy Impact Trust0.04$0.40$0.20$0.00$0.00%
AGTAVI Global Trust 230.00p236.00p236.00p1.00p0.43%
AIEAshoka India Equity Investment Trust260.00p284.00p279.00p-1.00p-0.36%
AIFAcorn Income Fund Ld0.00p0.00p0.00p0.00p0.00%
AJGAtlantis Japan Growth Fund Ltd.163.00p177.00p172.00p0.00p0.00%
AJITAbrdn Japan Investment Trust 575.00p590.00p585.00p0.00p0.00%

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