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Dividends summary

A summary of company dividend information.

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Dividend payment dates

Dividend payment dates from latest data to oldest.

Last updated at 31/12/2024

Table key
Dividend payment dates
Year EndTypeAmountPayment DateEx-Div DateRecord Date
31/12/20241st Interim2.55p24/05/202425/04/202426/04/2024
31/12/20242nd Interim2.55p23/08/202425/07/202426/07/2024
31/12/20231st Interim2.50p23/05/202327/04/202328/04/2023
31/12/20232nd Interim2.50p25/08/202327/07/202328/07/2023
31/12/20233rd Interim2.50p24/11/202326/10/202327/10/2023
31/12/20234th Interim4.25p23/02/202425/01/202426/01/2024
31/12/20221st Interim2.30p23/05/202221/04/202222/04/2022
31/12/20222nd Interim2.30p22/08/202228/07/202229/07/2022
31/12/20223rd Interim2.30p18/11/202227/10/202228/10/2022
31/12/20224th Interim3.10p17/02/202319/01/202320/01/2023
31/12/20211st Interim2.25p21/05/202122/04/202123/04/2021
31/12/20212nd Interim2.25p20/08/202129/07/202130/07/2021
31/12/20213rd Interim2.25p18/11/202121/10/202122/10/2021
31/12/20214th Interim2.75p17/02/202220/01/202221/01/2022
31/12/20201st Interim2.25p22/05/202023/04/202024/04/2020
31/12/20202nd Interim2.25p21/08/202030/07/202031/07/2020
31/12/20203rd Interim2.25p18/11/202022/10/202023/10/2020
31/12/20204th Interim2.55p17/02/202121/01/202122/01/2021
31/12/20191st Interim2.25p24/05/201925/04/201926/04/2019
31/12/20192nd Interim2.25p16/08/201918/07/201919/07/2019
31/12/20193rd Interim2.25p15/11/201924/10/201925/10/2019
31/12/20194th Interim2.50p20/02/202023/01/202024/01/2020

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