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The time to rebuild portfolios is now, says BlackRock

The BlackRock Investment Institute explains why it’s had to completely change its approach to forecasting during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why hatred for the UK and love for the US won’t last forever

Orbis Global Balanced manager Alec Cutler Manager of Orbis Investments’ Global Balanced portfolio explains why the popularity of the US and dislike of the UK are as temporary as the coronavirus.

Fundsmith, New Capital, Troy and the other global funds beating their peers for returns and risk in 2020

Trustnet finds out which global funds posted both top ranked returns and low volatility during the first half of 2020.

Only third time Asia has been this cheap in 15 years, says Invesco’s Hargreaves

The Invesco Asia manager says the market looks undervalued both on a historical basis and compared with its peers, but warns any rebound from here is likely to be concentrated in value stocks.

In numbers: The risks and rewards of buying bombed-out stocks

This month’s data hub focuses on the all-or-nothing approach of picking up stocks that have plummeted in value.

The role of specialist trusts as a diversifier

Darius McDermott, managing director of Chelsea Financial Services, highlights four multi-asset strategies using investment trusts to bolster returns.

The best performing funds since the ‘Great Lockdown’ began

Trustnet finds out which funds have been the top performing for the 100-day period since the lockdown started.

The funds that BMO’s multi-managers have bought for “a change of regime” in corporate bonds

BMO Global Asset Management’s Kelly Prior explains why companies could start to be run for bond holders not equity owners and which funds she thinks are best placed for this changing environment.

What happens if UK interest rates turn negative?

We look at what could happen to mortgages, savings, shares and bonds if UK interest rates turn negative.

Amidst the global pandemic is this one of the most pivotal US elections ever?

Trustnet talks to five industry experts about what impact the US presidential election could have on markets.

Yields of 20% available in value stocks, says Wise’s Matthews

The TB Wise Multi Asset Income co-manager says there is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” for anyone willing to look beyond the safer areas of the market.

Why China isn’t dependent on a global recovery

Andrew Mattock of the Matthews China fund says the size of the country’s domestic market and the growth of its middle class mean it does not have to wait for the rest of the world to re-open.

The best and worst performers of H1

Trustnet looks at the best and worst performing funds and sectors from the Investment Association universe and what this reveals about a tumultuous six months.

China powers to top of performance tables in June while UK lags

Trustnet looks at the best and worst performing funds and sectors as the world continues to emerge from the coronavirus lockdown.

Professional investors keep eyes on Asia and ESG in June

Trustnet finds out which funds the professionals were researching in June, as markets continued to recover from the coronavirus crash.

How Covid-19 has challenged decades-old investment concepts

Unigestion chief executive Fiona Frick explains how first the global financial crisis and then coronavirus have changed financial markets for the long term.

Our multi-asset investment views - June 2020

What's new in the monthly update of our asset allocation views?

Why you can’t trust online retirement planners

The range of potential outcomes on online pension planners differs to such an extent that John Blowers wonders if they are of any use at all.

Missed the big gains in gold? Why silver could shine in H2

Adrian Ash, director of research at BullionVault, explains how the Covid-19 crisis has spurred record demand from private investors for both 'safe haven' gold and industrially-useful silver, due to its potential as a solid inflation hedge.

The top-rated trusts available at a discount

Trustnet looks at the five FE fundinfo Crown-rated investment trusts that investors can currently pick up at a discount to their net asset value.

Three recovery stocks Invesco’s Brown has been buying

Invesco Smaller UK Companies manager Jonathan Brown reveals three companies with a good recovery story.

Should investors be worried after ASI Global Smaller Companies’ manager quits?

Trustnet asks the experts for their reaction to the news that Harry Nimmo will be returning to the £1bn ASI Global Smaller Companies fund following Alan Rowsell’s departure.

Are equities the most attractive asset class out there?

JP Morgan Asset Management’s Timothy Woodhouse explains why – on an equity risk premium basis – stocks still look cheap over the long term.

How to take money out of your pension in an emergency

Laura Miller finds out how to efficiently dip into your retirement savings if you have exhausted all other options.

Can value investing survive in the post-Covid age?

The Covid crisis has widened the extreme chasm between growth and value. As structural and tech-driven thematic trends accelerate in the wake of the crisis, Tony Yarrow, co-manager of the Wise Multi-Asset Income and Multi-Asset Growth funds, discusses whether value investing has a place in the new landscape.

Why IBOSS is tilting away from US towards the UK and emerging markets

IBOSS Asset Management senior investment analyst Chris Rush explains why US stocks have become too expensive and where more attractive valuations can be found.

BMO’s Burdett: Nothing in 25 years prepared us for the coronavirus crash

The multi-manager explains how March ended up being the worst month ever for the BMO MM Navigator Distribution fund but why “there's a bright future”.