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Man GLG Japan Core Alpha: We hope the technology bubble is bursting

Manager Jeff Atherton explains why investors may have to rethink their strategies of the past decade.

Why I’ve liquidated half of my ISA

Editor Jonathan Jones explains why he has moved to cash despite low asset prices and rising inflation.

Murray International: Is this year’s turnaround a signal to buy?

So far this year, the trust has been among the top performers of its sector, but it had been suffering since 2020. Is it time to buy, hold or fold?

Investec: Buy Monks IT after ‘perfect storm’

The broker said it was “shocked by the brutality of the sell-off” in the Baillie Gifford trust, considering most holdings continue to do well at the business level and are financially robust.

Alternatives to bonds within a portfolio

With inflation at current levels, nominal bonds will remain under pressure. We explore the more resilient alternatives within the bonds universe as well as property, infrastructure, liquid real assets and targeted absolute return funds.

Why Scottish Mortgage and others may have a private equity problem

Private equity can be a “double-edged sword” according to Brewin Dolphin’s Rob Burgeman, who argues that some trusts may face being diluted if they are not able to re-invest.

Is it time to sell Fundsmith Equity?

The quality-growth portfolio has dropped 21.3% so far this year and further falls are expected as inflation continues to rise.

Blue Whale's Yiu: My former holdings that have lost their 'moat'

The manager of the LF Blue Whale Growth fund says many disruptive tech stocks are beginning to get disrupted themselves.

The reason cautious multi-asset funds have underperformed aggressive peers

This recent period of underperformance for cautious portfolios is a wake-up call for the industry to move away from this ‘bonds=low risk’ mentality.

UK inflation: Analysts split between recession fears and cautious optimism

Headline inflation increased to 9.1% in May in the UK, but has yet to peak, warn experts.

The ESG bubble could be about to burst, warn experts

Sustainable portfolios have been “technology funds in disguise” and offer little diversification as markets shift towards value.

Four investment trusts for a secure income amid rampant inflation and rising rates

Analysts highlight four options that investors may be able to turn to if they are worried about high inflation.

Invesco joins the ranks of fixed-income backers despite market uncertainties

The management company’s mid-year outlook is positive towards global credit.

A resurgent Japan is more than just a yen story

The opportunities on offer in the Land of the Rising Sun will prove to be more than just another false dawn.

Troy's Boyle: The golden age to invest is when equities resemble the Wild West

The Trojan Global Equity manager says that while many investors obsess about macroeconomic shocks, she prefers to focus on companies “beavering away and doing their thing”.

JPM launches first ever active UK equity ETF

The firm also introduced a new ESG fund to its range, taking its total number of ETFs to 31.

The corporate bond funds that have paid the most in dividends and made top returns

Trustnet looks at the IA Sterling Corporate Bond sector to see which funds have paid out a strong income while making good total returns for investors.

BlackRock’s third quarter outlook: More pain for tech investors

The firm also highlighted that hold ups in the global supply chain could mean a move towards onshore production in the US and Europe.

Be ready for a hard landing, but do not rush into calling this a recession

Markets convulse at rising interest rates, but is a recession actually looming?

Why the world needs more breadbaskets

Time is running out, but investors can help to support the fragile food economy.

Are central bankers making a bigger mistake than they did in the '70s?

Orbis’s Alec Cutler warns that the gap between inflation and treasury yields is at its widest since 1970.

When growth becomes value and vice versa: Trustnet Magazine is out now!

The latest edition of Trustnet Magazine finds out what it takes for value managers to get interested in former growth stars.

How veteran fund managers are approaching the bear market

A selection of experienced investors tell Trustnet how they are using their knowledge of previous crises to see them through the current rotation.

Active funds failing to protect as well as passives in 2022 sell-off

Many argue that active funds come into their own when markets are going through a rough patch, but this does not seem to be the case in 2022’s volatile conditions.