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The US equity funds that have ticked (just about) all the boxes since 2021

Value outperformed in the IA North America sector but the growth style is catching up again.

TEMIT vs JPMorgan: Which emerging market trust is best?

Experts pick which of the behemoth investment trusts they would choose.

How currency has massively impacted portfolios in recent years

When equities and bonds were sinking ships in 2022, weak sterling calmed the storm. Now that global equity markets are rising, however, currency movements are exerting both headwinds and tailwinds, depending on the region.

Biotech continues to demonstrate dependable growth with a cyclical boost

Supported by long-term growth prospects and current market dynamics, we may be entering an opportune phase for the biotech sector.

The funds and trusts with the highest weightings to Nvidia

Trustnet reveals which funds have the largest allocations to Nvidia.

The case for and against owning gilts in 2024

Yields are attractive but is this enough to say investors?

The experts’ perfect fund pairings for global investing

Fund selectors reveal which strategies they would pick to build an allocation to global equities.

Merchants Trust’s Gergel: We haven't had many winners recently but there is huge potential

The UK equity income manager also explains how he was wrong about St James’ Place.

Stop letting platforms profit from your cash

Now is the time to get your money off the sidelines – either into the market or into better-value cash accounts.

The UK funds that keep delivering the most bang for your buck

Trustnet highlights the portfolios with the highest rolling average alpha in their sector.

Japan hits an all-time high, but managers are confident of further gains

The Nikkei 225 has surpassed its December 1989 peak but fund managers believe Japan’s equity market still offers value and that its upward trajectory can continue.

Japan: A rally without a clear cause

Emerging growth narratives such as semiconductors may come into focus in 2024.

Biden or Trump: Why the winner of the US election shouldn’t worry investors

Regardless of the outcome, investors should be unconcerned by the political backdrop in America.

How the Magnificent Seven stocks performed in their latest quarterly updates

Trustnet calls out the winners and the losers from the US tech giants’ earnings updates.

When City of London will flourish and struggle

Experts explain how to use the UK equity income investment trust within a portfolio.

Meet the investment manager using AI for tactical asset allocation

Momentum Global Investment Management has been working with an artificial intelligence tool for 18 months and is now ready to use it in live portfolios to help make tactical asset allocation decisions.

Three companies at the forefront of positive change and where to find them

Amid all of these problems one of the best ways to adhere to ESG principles is to look for companies going above and beyond peers to support positive change.

How Invesco doubled down on the ‘Magnificent Seven’

The Summit Growth portfolios have performed well by betting on US mega-cap tech stars but going forward their manager is looking elsewhere.